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  第1条 知识象烛光,能照亮一个人,也能照亮无数人。

  第2条 Yout经典英文励志语录h is a failure to victory than when mature, the success of the old age is more satisfactory.

  第3条 I have failed, but he didn’t fall, I believe that success is not far away.

  第4条 All the wise for himself, a fool all for others. Motivate yourself classic sayings.

  第5条 Drive your business, don’t let you to advance your career.

  第6条 Successful snare a large fault.

  第7条 一个人只有在全力以赴的时候才能发挥最大的潜能。

  第8条 酸甜苦辣都是营养,成功失败都是经验。

  第9条 不是要做一个单纯优秀的人,而是要做一个不可替代的人。

  第10条 Forgive me, but is the regret quietly buried; Forget, is the most profound tolerance.

  第11条 A person only when all can play a maximum potential.

  第12条 If so, it is better after wind and rain, train for the rare flowers.

  第13条 Knowledge is like a candlelight, can illuminate a person, also can illuminate countless people.

  第14条 Opportunity is – a hurry it is dangerous to passengers who rely on it, bold, unreliable.

  第15条 谎言像一朵盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短暂。

  第16条 常求有利别人,不求有利自己。

  第17条 如果失去了顽强的意志,困难就会给你戴上枷锁。

  第18条 做人就不要做事,做事就不要做人!性格决定命运,气量影响格局。

  第19条 Where there is a genius, I am all the others drink coffee time on study.

  第20条 Unless you want to become a first-class, is the second.

  第21条 用你的青春,展示出你骄人的活力。让我们为今天而喝彩。

  第22条 你不要一直不满他人,你应该一直检讨自己才对。

  第23条 与其等着别人来爱你,不如自己学着努力多爱自己一点。

  第24条 Not to do a simple good people, but to be a irreplaceable.

  第25条 Reading and learning is often nutrition, is the endless development of thought.

  第26条 不必遗憾。若是美好,叫做精彩。若是糟糕,叫做经历。

  第27条 If lost the tenacious will, difficulties will give you put on shackles.

  第28条 You don’t have dissatisfaction with others, you should always review yourself.

  第29条 I am suffering, frustration as his best teacher of survival.

  第30条 我相信青春没有地平线,只有奋勇向前。

  第31条 哪里有天才,我是把别人喝咖啡的工夫都用在学习上的。

  第32条 成功网罗着大量的过失。

  第33条 A lie like a blooming flowers, appearance beautiful, life is short.

  第34条 勤奋,是今天的热血拼搏,而不是明天的决心,后天的行动!

  第35条 I never fear any opponent, is not strong enough.

  第36条 看书和学习是思想的经常营养,是思想的`无穷发展。

  第37条 Once to let lazy control, it is for.

  第38条 Victory is not defeat the enemy, but to improve yourself. As long as we progress every day one percent, that is success.

  第39条 Diligent, is the blood of today, not tomorrow’s determination, the action of the day after tomorrow!

  第40条 困难是一块顽石,对于弱者它是绊脚石,对于强者它是垫脚石。

  第41条 Difficult is a piece of stone, it is a stumbling block to the weak, for it is a stepping stone to the strong.

  第42条 Make the person tired not far away mountains, but a grain of sand in the shoes.

  第43条 Only such people with life and liberty, if he had to struggle for a day.

  第44条 When you advise others, if you don’t care about other people’s self-esteem, so it is a good words are useless.

  第45条 死脑筋的人相信命运,活脑筋的人相信机会。

  第46条 热忱是推销成功的最大要素,也是唯一要素。

  第47条 Bear, a calm, step back, brighter.

  第48条 要做到坚韧不拔,最要紧的是坚持到底。

  第49条 机遇是—位来去匆匆的过路旅客依靠它是危险的,冒失的,不可靠的。

  第50条 我不相信手掌的纹路,但我相信手掌加上手指的力量。

  第51条 下定决心一定要,才是成功的关键。

  第52条 If you don’t make the first move, was never likely to reach the destination.

  第53条 只要坚持积极的理想,就能产生奋斗的勇气。

  第54条 Aimless life is like sailing without a compass.

  第55条 Use your youth, show you strong vitality. Let’s cheer for today.

  第56条 For their own psychological cosmetic is more important than for decorative appearance.

  第57条 当你劝告别人时,若不顾及别人的自尊心,那么再好的言语都没有用的。

  第58条 懒惰者等待机遇,勤奋者创造机遇。

  第59条 贫穷要一点东西,奢侈要许多东西,贪欲却要一切东西。

  第60条 外在压力增加时,就应增强内在的动力。

  第61条 点燃心中的渴望,因为欲望决定你想做的程度。

  第62条 对于不可改变的事实,除了认命以外,没有更好的办法了。

  第63条 Today’s advantage will be replaced by the trend of tomorrow.

  第64条 Three day doomed, seven points by struggle, love spell will win.

  第65条 To be accidental, go is inevitable. So you have to, pay the same, the same fate.

  第66条 Peacock because up and locked, the eagle soar because of the vision.

  第67条 智者一切求自己,愚者一切求他人。激励自己的经典名言。

  第68条 人生就像滚雪球,重要的是找到很湿的雪和很长的坡。

  第69条 今天的优势会被明天的趋势所取代。

  第70条 For the immutable fact, except the fate, no better way.

  第71条 Wake up every morning, your greatest asset is a hour in his pockets.

  第72条 Genius is but a step between god and a mortal, this step is hard work.

  第73条 If you don’t wake up, so the reality and dream what respectively.

  第74条 When the work fun, so we have fun every day.

  第75条 People like to boast is like a big drum, make the greatest sound very empty.

  第76条 Was determined to, is the key to success.

  第77条 The winner of life never lose courage in the face of a setback.

  第78条 只要比竞争对手活得长,你就赢了。

  第79条 如果不踏出第一步,就永远也不可能到达目的地。

  第80条 勤奋的人常把高山当平地,懒惰的人常把平地当高山。

  第81条 天才与凡人只有一步之隔,这一步就是勤奋。

  第82条 Cultivated in minutes, in small gain.

  第83条 If I born for trees, as yan yan to toward; If I born for trees, when growing up and shake the green.












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