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1. By photoelectric transforming, a light signal of certain wavelength is converted to an electrical signal by PMT. The digital oscilloscope (TDS1012) can accomplish the function of A/D conversion and record the waveform. When the waveform data are transmitted to PC, the PC can send command to microprocessor for controlling the stepping-motor in order to adjust the detected wavelength by rotating the grating, and then the measurement is started at a new wavelength. By continuously adjusting the detected wavelength of the monochromator and recording the light signal with different wavelength, a serial of the waveform data is obtained. At last the computer can deal with the data to draw the TRS graph.

2. 1012

2. The water-soluble gas of abnormaly h...

3. 1In the presence of fibroblast growth factor 2(FGY- 2) and epidermal growth factor, both brain and spinal cord-derived stem cells proliferated and expanded in vitro for 8一10 passages(over 60 d).
经体外培养8一10代后,其细胞数呈指数级增加,其中脑来源的NSCs由原代培养时的1 x 106增加至1x1012,脊髓来源的NS Cs数从1 x 106增加至1 x 101,。

4. Triphenyltin thiobenzoate was synthesized by the reaction of triphenyltin chloride with thiobenzoic acid in the presence of Et3N. The title complex was characterized by elemental analysis, IR and JH NMR spectra, and its crystal structure was determined by X-ray single crystal diffraction study.
用三苯基氯化锡与硫代苯甲酸在三乙胺存在下反应,合成了三苯基锡硫代苯甲酸酯,并进行了红外光谱及核磁共振氢谱表征。X射线单晶衍射表明,化合物属正交晶系,空间群P2_12_12_1,晶胞参数:a=0.8306(3) nm,b=1.6906(5) nm,c=3.1459(10) nm,V=4.417(2) nm~3,Z=8,D_c=1.465 g/cm~3,R_1=0.0472,wR_2=0.1012。

5. 1012

5. Company is a comprehensive professional manufacturer with a history of over 30 years.

6. Manv charactcre of fine sugar bcet gcrmplasm resource have judged comprehensively by the association degree method in the theory of grisent system, 1012B and 780016A/2 gave the lst and 2nd place with the equal and weighting, 1012B is the best one for comprehensive characters, and 2nd one is 780016A/2, these two are the best germplasm.

7. The 14.5 mm armour-piercing bullet has a muzzle velocity of 1012 m/s and good ballistics.
在14.5毫米穿甲子弹的初速的一○一二米/ s和良好的弹道。

8. Another important aspect of enzymes activity in addition to catalytic power is the specificity of enzymes reactions.

9. Another important a ect of enzymes activity in addition to catalytic power is the ecificity of enzymes reactio.

10. The SW-1012 Automatic Winder is the ideal starter machine for stamping automation.
SW - 1012自动卷纬机是冲压自动化启动机器的理想选择。

11. The scaling law was significantly different from that expected by analytical erosion model in low and high plasma density regions, but in agreement with latter in 1012cm-3 nearby.

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13. The survey of 1, 012 adults has an error margin of +/- 3 points for the full sample, and 5 points for the Republican and Democratic subsamples.

14. There was a high risk of thin cement mantle in Gruen zones 1, 2 and 5 in the anterior-posterior plane and in Gruen zones 8, 9 and 12 in the lateral plane. Typical areas of radiolucency were identified in Gruen zones 25 and 1012 in the middle-distal of the stem. Voids appeared in Gruen zones 35 and 1012 in the distal of the stem.

15. Volume resistivity shall not be less than 1012Ω·cm.

16. The protection film formed is lucent and with high insulation impedance, its impedance value is greater than 1×1012Ω, so it is suitable to high and low electric devices.

17. The results showed that the optimum parameters about bombardment transformati- on system were 900psi, 9cm, 250μg/gun and 1 time, respectively. 5.Detection of resistant plants.

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18. The influences of mass ratio of E-51 and CD-1012, light intensity and temperature on photo-curing kinetics of resin systems were discussed.

19. Photo-differential scanning calorimetry was used to investigate the photo-curing kinetics for the epoxy resin systems.
采用Photo DSC研究了环氧E-51,二芳基碘鎓盐(CD-1012),光敏剂二异丙基噻唑酮组成的阳离子光引发体系的紫外固化动力学。

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20. The CdS thin films with the two different crystal phases have different influences on CIGS thin film solar cells. The crystal mismatch and the interface state density of the c-CdS and CIGS are about 1.419% and 8.507×1012cm-2 respectively, and those of the h-CdS and CIGS are about 32.297% and 2.792×1012cm-2 respectively.

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