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TLB是什么意思 TLB在线翻译 TLB什么意思 TLB的意思

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1. 911查询·英语单词大全

1. MMUs with 32-entry TLB, fully associative instruction, and data TLBs MMUs support multiple page sizes of 4, 16, and 512 Kbytes, and 8 Mbytes; 16 virtual address spaces, and 16 protection groups Up to 32-bit data bus (dynamic bus sizing for 8, 16, and 32 bits) 32 address lines Memory controller Contains complete dynamic RAM controller Each bank can be a chip select or RAS to support a DRAM bank Up to 30 wait states programmable per memory bank Glueless interface to DRAM, SIMMS, SRAM, EPROMs, Flash EPROMs, and other memory devices DRAM controller-programmable to support most size and speed memory interfaces Four CAS lines, four WE lines, and one OE line Boot chip-select available at reset (options for 8-, 16-, or 32-bit memory) Variable block sizes (32 KbytesC256 Mbytes) Selectable write protection On-chip bus arbitration logic Fast Ethernet Controller General-purpose timers Two 16-bit timers or one 32-bit timer Gate mode can enable or disable counting.
与32项tlb的MMU的,完全关联指令和数据TLBs MMU的支持,4,16多页的大小,和512千字节和8字节,16个虚拟地址空间,最多为32和16位数据总线保护团体(动态巴士大小为8,16,和32位)32地址线内存控制器(8家银行)包含完整的动态随机存储器的控制器,各银行可以选择一个或RAS芯片支持高达30可编程等待状态的DRAM银行每个存储银行无缝连接到DRAM,西姆斯的SRAM,与EPROM,闪光的EPROM,和其他存储设备的DRAM控制器可编程,可以支持大多数的规模和速度的存储器接口四中国科学院线,四线,我们和一个原厂线启动片选可在复位(8选择- 16 -,或32位内存)可变块大小(32 KbytesC256字节)可选择写保护片上总线仲裁逻辑的快速以太网控制器的通用定时器2个16位定时器或一个32位定时器门模式可以启用或禁用计数。

2. Meanwhile, a microprocessor architectural soft-model with the character of dynamic power self-adaption is founded, which includes a cache with a self-adaptive stucture and a self-adaptive instuction queue, while a strategy of dynamic clock management is proposed. Furthermore, we design a SOC simulator based on EPIC architecture, and the emphases are the studies on microprocessor power model and power analyse arithmetic, and we found a swift and accurate architectural power model which is suitable for the mainstream architecture, with the technical parameters being configurable. We also design a microprocessor validation platform based on FPGA, enhancing the reusability, expansibility and configurability of the FPGA validation platform, and reducing the cost of microprocessor''s validation. We have a study on the register assignment and the low-power design of the components of SOC system, meanwhile we design a low-power TLB module.
课题建立了一个具有动态功耗自适应特征的微处理器体系结构软模型,其中包含自适应cache结构以及自适应指令队列IQ;提出了一种动态时钟管理技术方案;设计开发一个基于EPIC结构的SOC型微处理器模拟器,重点研究微处理器功耗模型和功耗分析算法,建立了一种适用于主流体系结构的、工艺参数可灵活配置的、快速而精确的体系结构级功耗模型;设计了一种基于FPGA的微处理器验证平台,大大提高了FPGA仿真验证平台的通用性、可重用性、可扩展性和可配置性,降低了微处理器的验证成本;从静态和动态功耗两个方面入手,从编译角度对寄存器文件分配方案引起的功耗降低做了一系列的研究;对SOC系统中的部件级低功耗设计进行了研究,设计并流片了一种低功耗TLB IP模块。

3. The TLB is specifically designed to perform this lookup in parallel, so this process is extremely fast.

4. 911查询·英语单词

4. When physical memory is not full, this is quite simple, one simply needs to write the page into physical memory, modify the entry in the page table to say that it is present in physical memory, write the mapping into the TLB and restart the instruction.

5. The page table needs to be updated to mark that the pages that were previously in physical memory are no longer so, and to mark that the page that was on disk is no longer so also (and to, of course, write the mapping into the TLB and restart the instruction).

6. TLB的反义词

6. As the processor has virtual memory management, the main part of paper introduces the memory management system, and puts the MMU especially two internal TLB as emphases and explains the design method of pipeline processor.

7. TLB miss handing is the most frequently executed kernel service of the processor.

8. This thesis focuses on the performance of the TLB and cache of Unity-863 system-on-chip, and also discusses the chip area and design complexity issues.
本文重点研究了北大众志-863 CPU系统芯片的TLB和Cache性能问题,同时,对其面积占用和设计复杂度等也进行了有益的探讨。

9. As processor technology improves at a rapid pace and the working sets of new applications grow insatiably, the latency and bandwidth demands on the TLB are difficult to meet, especially in multiprocessor systems, which run larger applications and are plagued by the TLB consistency problem.

10. In order to improve the address translation performance, the Translation Lookaside Buffer is implemented inside almost all contemporary processors. In this work, we propose an alternative TLB architecture with low context switch miss rate for asynchronous embedded processors.

11. The MMU normally translates virtual page numbers to physical page numbers via an associative cache called a Translation Lookaside Buffer.

12. With some MMUs, there can also be a shortage of PTEs or TLB entries, in which case the OS will have to free one for the new mapping.

13. But none of my business, I sold SQNM at 11 and 12, TLB at 10.1, and short 10put for 50cent

14. TLB

14. On every virtual memory access, all entries in a TLB are checked to see whether any of them contain the correct virtual page number.

15. TLB的意思

15. Note that ASID can minimized TLB re-loads, since several TLB entries can have the same virtual page number, but different ASID's.
对于一个多任务操作系统来讲,每个任务都有自己的4G 虚拟空间,但是有自己的 ASID 。

16. If an entry is found for the virtual page number, a TLB hit has occurred, and the corresponding physical page frame is immediately accessed.

17. You can include some graphic (made with other tools, e. g., xfig, tgif or anything creating EPS-Files) or other special data representation (e. g., tlb/roff tables) and so on with ease.
你能够很容易操作一些图片(由其他工具制作,象xfig,tgif或者所有制作EPS的文件)或者其他特殊的数据表示(象 tlb/roff tables)等等。

18. TLB的反义词

18. A new method is proposed to compute the cache working set and the TLB working set of a loop nest in locality space.

19. A new method is proposed to determine the loop order of a loop nest, which considers both of the data locality at register level and the data locality at cache and TLB levels.

20. danci.911cha.com

20. Based on analyzing the traditional address mapping mechanism of TLB, this paper has put forward the regions and Cache line tag pre-validation to optimize the translation, and removed the TLB delay bottleneck in the whole memory access.

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